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Add Solitaire to your New Tab.

Tired of the same old New Tab page? Say hello to a refreshing twist with New Tab: Solitaire – the ultimate browser extension that transforms your mundane New Tab into an exciting gaming arena! With New Tab: Solitaire, your new tab opens up to a classic game of Solitaire, instantly ready for you to dive into and unwind.

But here's the best part – your game progress stays with you! Whether you're in the middle of a winning streak or strategizing your next move, New Tab: Solitaire ensures your game state persists across tabs and sessions, letting you pick up right where you left off.

No more tiny windows or distractions – New Tab: Solitaire brings Solitaire to life in full-screen mode, immersing you in every move and strategy. It's your personal oasis of relaxation, conveniently accessible with just a click.

Try New Tab: Solitaire now and turn your browsing breaks into moments of joy and challenge. Elevate your New Tab experience today!

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